Rubio’s Mission Call

August 12, 2010 | Filed Under News | No Comments

Elder RubioRjay Rubio has been called on an LDS mission to Little Rock, Arkansas. Unfortunately, because of his (and Scottie’s) extended absence, they will no longer be associated with the band. So what does that mean for ElectroChronic? Well other than the loss of 2 (of 3) members, nothing will change. James is working on some beats of his own, while scanning the state for some new members. If you know of anyone that has the skill, send them to, or have them contact James through email. We wish Rjay the best of luck in his endeavors, and trust that he will continue to pursue music when he returns in 2 years.

ElectroChronic on Eventful

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ElectroChronic On Eventful

As you know, we won’t be playing a huge number of shows, but it’s good to know who would like us to come to their home town. Who knows, we may end up touring if we get enough demand (shrug). We’ll see what happens. Demand us in your city!